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The Bagel Co.

Bagels: A Brief History

    Historical image of a bagel vendor - article on why bagels have to have a hole from The Bagel co Rose Bay and Surry Hills

    This staple has survived centuries and still continues to maintain fierce loyalties.

    Bagels are mentioned as early as 1610 Poland, in written records. There are even earlier records of a similarly shaped Polish bread, the obwazarek, going back to the 1390’s and other ring-shaped breads native to Italy ( taralli, ciambella).

    The Eastern European migrants of the late 19th Century brought this staple with them to the USA, but remained within the niche markets of the Jewish communities until the 1960’s-70’s when an enterprising Jewish family of bakers introduced it to the wider market in the form of frozen bagels presented as The Jewish English Muffin.

    Lender’s Bagels were so well received the KRAFT bought the bagels in 1984 making the merger between the bagels company and the cream cheese company the Marriage of the Century.

    The Bagel Co. Bagels

    The Bagel Co. is the love and passion of Barry Kluwgant, who’s grandfather brought the secret family recipe on a boat from WWII-Poland to Australia.

    Over the years, generations and moves across State lines, the recipe has been perfected to bring Surry Hills the fresh, delicious Bagel Co. bagels of today!