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The Bagel Co.

Interested in our heavenly bagels?

fresh – wholesome – delicious – bloody awesome!

The Bagel Co. is proud to provide top quality, bagels and other baked goodies to supermarkets, delis and corner stores (or whatever your business may be). We supply bagels, breads and all kinds of baked goods.

All our products are baked fresh every day, using traditional, favourite recipes and only the very best ingredients.

Order & Delivery – fresh everyday!

It is easy to order wholesale baked goods from The Bagel Co. – whether your order is large or small. We provide a delivery service for our wholesale customers. Freshly baked products arrive direct to you, guaranteeing your customers can buy their beloved products every single day.

Always Reliable

Our customers come to rely on our products and we know yours will too. That’s why we have made our ordering process simple and offer a delivery service so you are never out of The Bagel Co. stock.

To order freshly baked products for your store, contact The Bagel Co. today or simply fill out the form below so that we can get in touch with you.

Background image of bagels for The Bagel Co Sydney

Interested in becoming a wholesaler?

Contact our team for special wholesale rates and enjoy our quality products at your store.