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our story

Four generations of bakers have passed down family traditions and baking secrets to deliver unparalleled deliciousness from The Bagel Co.

Enjoy freshly baked kosher bagels every single day, lovingly made with wholesome family goodness.

Love bagels? Love The Bagel Co.

The Bagel Co
The Bagel Co

Did you know we offer wholesale?

Stock our products and have them freshly delivered to your store.

The Bagel Co Cafe

Bakery cafe

The Bagel Co. cafe stands proudly where the Glick’s family business has been serving satisfied customers for three generations. 

Whether you are hungry for a bagel or would like something from our breakfast, lunch or sushi menu, The Bagel Co. has something to fill that need and satisfy your craving for delicious, kosher and high quality food.

Dine in and enjoy our friendly atmosphere or grab something to take away from our to-go menu.


7:30AM - 12PM

Coconut Museli

Muesli, green apple, apple juice, strawberry, mix berry, infused with coconut milk. (P) (V)

Eggplant Roll & cheese

Eggplant, mozzarella cheese, pickled capsicum, pesto & fresh crushed tomato salsa. Served on sourdough. (D)

Mushroom Brekkie

Poached eggs served on crusty sourdough with avo, mix mushrooms infused with white wine garlic, fresh thyme and parsley (D)

Bagel Co. Special brekkie

Eggs of your choice, mushrooms stuffed with mozzarella cheese, cream cheese with zatar, smoked salmon, spinach & salad. Served with bagel. (D)


11:30AM - 2:30PM

Soba Noodles & Salmon YAkitori

Soba noodles, ginger, coriander, spring onion, garlic, spinach & Japanese pickles infused with our homemade teriyaki sauce. (P)

Crumbed Fish & Chips With a Touch of Dill

Served with homemade tartar sauce. (P)

Bangkok Hair Angel Pasta

Coconut cream sauce, fresh ginger, garlic, onion, capsicum, chili, coriander, soy & fresh tomato. (P)

Classic Alfredo Pasta

Rich cream sauce, mushroom, onion, garlic, fresh thyme, white wine & nutmeg. (D)


All day


Mozzarella cheese, tomato & onion.


Sliced avocado, tomato, cucumber & lettuce.

Egg Mayo

Tomato, onion, cucumber & lettuce.

Tuna Mayo

Tomato, onions, pickles, cucumber & lettuce. 

Smoked Salmon

Smoked salmon, cream cheese, capers & lettuce.

Create Your Own
From $1.50

Including: sundried tomato, beetroot, feta, peanut butter, vegemite, jam, pesto, carrot, corn, rocket.

Come Visit Us

Address:   3-4 475 Old South Head Road,
                Rose Bay NSW 2029

Phone:      +61 2 9371 7557

E-mail:      info@thebagelco.com.au

Opening hours

Sunday – Friday:  7am-4pm
Saturday:  Closed