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The Bagel Co.

Why are bagels so bloody awesome?!

    Our take on why bagels are one of the best things to ever happen to humanity:

    1. Bagels are the best food in existence!
    There! We said it! And we will stick by it too.

    2. They are wonderfully filling.
    Feeling hungry? Have a craving for something but you’re not quite sure what exactly? Do you want something savoury – or perhaps something sweet..? Bagels are the solution! These delightful bangles of pleasure-inducing lusciousness will not only sate your hungry tummy, but will also satisfy your craving! ..for whatever. And the energy lasts too.

    3. They are very easy to transport.
    There is a very good reason for the way they are made and how they look! Back in the Old Country (in the Olden days), when traders, bakers, people in general had to use their feet (mules if they were lucky) to transport goods, stringing up these beauties on a special string or stick made porting them much easier than other traditional baked items.

    Today, when ease of transportation is not as important to bagel makers and sellers, they are still really handy to just loop onto your thumb and (literally) eat on the run!

    4. They are absolutely DELICIOUS.
    They are delicious plain, they are delicious with any topping. They are delicious savoury. They are delicious sweet. There is literally nothing you can do to make them un-delicious.

    5. They are delicious with ANYTHING.
    They go with just about anything. Something sweet, something savoury. They have been baked with cake-like flavouring and appearances, they have been filled with anything and everything. As long as there is a lover of just about ANYTHING, that anything goes GREAT with a bagel ALWAYS.

    6. For all you pizza lovers out there; the bagel is a hidden pizza!
    Cut a bagel in half, add pizza sauce and cheese, grill it. What do you get? Pizza on one side, bagel on the other side!

    Pizza (bagel):

    Bagel (bagel):

    7. Bagels are the reason why we have SCHMEARS.

    schmear /ʃmɪə/
    1. smear or spread. “a schmear of low-fat cream cheese”
    v. (used with object) to spread; smear: “Schmear it on the bread.
    In more colloquial terms, and in the world of bagels, a schmear is basically cream cheese. ..but sooooo much more! These are flavoured cream cheese varieties that  are versatile and various as bagels.
    8. Bagels are an Any-meal-of-the-day food.
    Enough said.
    9. Bagels are the ultimate grab-and-go food.