Our Story

our story

The dream of Mr. Glick’s grandson, Baruch Kluwgant, has always been to share his family’s tradition as bakers of delicious bagels and challahs in Australia. Growing up in Melbourne, Baruch spent his childhood baking alongside his beloved grandfather as often as possible, learning and watching as Glick’s grew to become the community’s much loved purveyor of all baked deliciousness. His mother and father were restauranteurs in their own right and Baruch’s love for food preparation and satisfying hungry palates became second nature to him.

Taking with him years of experience and blessings for success, the dynamic entrepreneur has launched The Bagel Co. ‐ a fresh and new business – born from his success with his Glick’s stores in Sydney’s Rose Bay and Bondi.

The Bagel Co

“The Bagel Co. is my dream business” said Kluwgant. “I have always been committed to delivering premium products, freshly made every day. The Bagel Co. is the next natural step for me as a business man in the community. The opportunity to expand beyond the success of the Glick’s family business excites me and drives my creativity to new heights. I think the spirt of entrepreneurship runs very deeply in our family. I’m carrying on where my grandfather left off.”

Bagel Co Sushi

The Rose Bay community is sure to be tantalised by Kluwgant’s delectable offerings. You’ll love the rich wafting aroma that fills the air, letting you know fresh bagels and challahs have just come out of the in‐store ovens! Onsite baking at The Bagel Co. sets this bakery apart, serving the most fresh and delicious bagels, challahs, breads and more, every single day.

The Bagel Co. is also a warm and welcoming eatery featuring breakfast, lunch, sushi bar with fresh sushi daily and to‐go menus that feed the soul. Here, everyone knows your name and you’ll immediately feel part of this beautiful family.

Like father, like son, like grandson and now great grandson, tradition runs deeply in this baking family. Baruch’s eldest son Kovi enjoys his Sunday mornings working alongside his dad, making the best bagels in Sydney at The Bagel Co.

The Bagel Co. brings you generations of family goodness freshly baked every single day.