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The Bagel Co.

The Bagel Co. story far

This is an image of Barry, owner of The Bagel Co in serving bagels and coffee inRose Bay and Surry Hills.

Barry, here, has spent his whole life around bagels. He was born to a family of bagel wizards, and spent his formative years in the back of his grandfather’s bakery, in Melbourne, immersed in the wonderful, and delicious, world of baking bagels (and other delicious baked goodies.)

Like many bagel maestros out there, Barry also has some very strong feelings towards these lovely, dense, rings of doughy chewiness. He recons that the perfection of a bagel lies in its density and its chewiness.

Today, Barry lives in Sydney with his beautiful wife and four cheeky boys, and continues to infuse his deep affection and pleasure in the humble, affable bagel into as many people as possible.

Bringing bagels to Rose Bay

The Bagel Co. is our way of sharing our fondness for all things bagels with you, our neighbours and friends, right here in Rose Bay.

We decided to focus on churning out the best bagels we can make, with a method that has been established over THREE generations of bagel aficionados. 

Rather than getting bogged down with over-complicated flavours and menu variations, we choose to make sure that we are turning out daily-made, delicious, wholesome bagels and simple add-ons to a hungry neighbourhood.

‘Simple is better’ seems to be our motto, and we are doing things the old-school way, with lots of hard work. Our result? Scrumptious bagels, house-cured wild salmon, in-house flavoured cream cheeses. Simple, choice ingredients  combined to create goodness, wholesomeness and a true love of bagels.