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Stuck working at home? Skip the dry crackers – go for a BAGEL


    Hello there dear, fellow humans!

    Although we’ve had a little bit of time now to start getting used to the new ‘normal’, this time now is probably the part where we start somehow to settle in to our routines and schedules.

    For those who are used to the conducive work environment of the workplace, this whole ‘work from home’ shindig can be quite unsettling. It is not as comfortable, or convenient, as many of us thought it would be – and for all those who have been working from home all along; we take our hats off to you!

    In our attempt to help those who cannot help but pause in the kitchen on the way to the bathroom, or who can’t pass by that pile of ‘something-to-do’ on their way to a cup of tea, we have spoken to a few of our work from home veterans and compiled a list of some ideas and tips to help you through this COVID19 Stay Home time.

    (For anyone wanting to contribute more of your ideas please add them to the comments section below.)


    Ideas / Tips for Working or Studying From Home During COVID19 lock-downs.

    Use your work/study communications tools (Zoom, Teams, Skype, etc.) to stay in touch with your colleagues as well.

    Socialising with your work-mates or class-mates is a big part of our pre-Covid19 routines. Humans are social creatures, and the new social isolation from much of the human-to-human contact we are all used to is jarring – especially for those Social Butterflies. Suggesting to utilise / utilising a portion of the conferencing time to just have a social shat session, or having one-on-one chats with your colleagues – even to discuss something as inane as The Weather, can leave many of us feeling more positive and energised. This helps us feel less isolated, and if we don’t feel like we are going at it alone, then we are more productive in terms of work flow.

    Take care of yourself

    It is very easy to get lost in the vortex that is your screen. Whether you are lost down the rabbit-hole of YouTube video suggestions, or have suddenly developed a severe and debilitating case of time-blindless on Facebook (or so you realise 6 or so hours later of scrolling through your ‘notifications’), now is the time where it is particularly important to remember that you are attached to a body. Your body needs physical movement. Moving your body gets your heart pumping which gets your blood flowing. The increase in blood flow means that Oxygen and nutrients are being carried to the working cells through your body and so on and so forth. Moving your body is equally important for your mind too. There is a reason for that overused phrase ‘Healthy Body, Healthy Mind’ (and vice versa). Make sure that you take care of yourself through physical movement.

    Yes, gyms and fitness studios of all kinds are closed, but there are quite a few options still available to us. You can use YouTube (and many other online resources) for good and find all kinds of online instruction videos for just about any physical activity you never thought you always wanted. Yoga, Pilates, Zoomba (remember that?) aerobics, tai chi, all kinds of martial arts, all kinds of dancing – on all levels! Did you never know that you were born to learn the Russian Folkdance Kick? or African Dance Moves? Well we found them for you!

    Learn a New Skill

    All those skills you always thought you would want or need to have are now available to you for the learning. This is also a really good time to give yourself a boost professionally or in your studies. Learning new skills, or completing short online courses could give you that competitive edge at work, or boost your ability to nail that HD at uni.

    Finish off all those things you started and left for ‘later’.

    Did you start writing that perfect manuscript back in your Uni days because you just knew there was a writer hiding inside the Computer Science graduate? Is your parents’ garage still minding your old canvases of paintings you started but never got around to finishing? Is the spare bedroom in your house still sporting two and a half walls of the new paint colour you were soooooo excited about? Even though for some of us work and study is now done from home, the duration of our work day is shortened on account of all the commuting we are no longer partaking, and the reduced work capacity due to the pause in all kinds of activity. This is now the time to finish off all those things that were started and then put aside. And, hey, you never know, maybe once Hollywood resumes they will, indeed, fall in love with your newly completed manuscript!?

    Plot your future career path

    Whether you are still studying, working for a company or working for yourself, this is now a really good time to plot your career path. Ordinarily your focus is always on the next project, the next assignment, the next client. Finding the time to take a few steps back and try to focus on the bigger, more long-term picture of where your career / studies/ business is heading is a luxury most can’t afford. However, it is those who have these path laid out that are more successful in actually accomplishing them on account of the fact that there is a road map to follow. Well! This is your time to create your own road map! This is where you have the time and ability to find out what’s out there for you, what options exist, what steps are required to get you there. You can read some books on career building, do some online exploring of potential career paths, follow online tests to determine your aptitude and brainstorm all kinds of ideas to make your future more exciting for you.

    Have some fun

    Are your kids also stuck at home with you? Did you always want to brush up on those handball skills you were so awesome at back in your old school yard? Were you a budding doodle artist ‘back in the day’? Follow your Bliss!

    Play handball with your kids. Pretend you’re a comedian. Pickup that guitar that has been lamentably neglected for the past five years and torture your neighbours with your rendition of Metallica’s Master Of Puppets (or better yet, brush off your old mediocre violin skills and hope no one calls the cops.) Whatever it is, and the sillier the better, just do it!

    Feed yourself some quality food (and here we mean BAGELS!)

    Are you sick of your own attempts at cooking (no matter how cook they may be)? Have you now become so sick of proper meals that you have entered the cycle of grabbing those dry, crusty crackers from the pantry? That’s the easiest solution on this whole list! Simply EAT A BAGEL.

    We are now offering online ordering and delivery* on our newly developed, especially for COVID19 menu! Our menu was developed with ease, deliciousness and nutrition in mind. All our online order items offer nutrition, nourishment and an element of comfort to help us all through this tough time.

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