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The Bagel Co.

The Bagel Co. Surry Hills Menu

Our Faves!

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Goldie Lox

Lox, spring onion, cream cheese, avocado & lettuce
..with your choice of bagel


The New York bagel from The Bagel co. Surry Hills

New York Bagel

Pastrami cured salmon, roasted garlic, cream cheese, mustard, pickles, rocket, cucumber
..with your choice of bagel


BLTish bagel from The Bagel Co Surry Hills

BLT ..ish

Vegan bacon, lettuce, tomato, vegan cream cheese, avocado
..with your choice of bagel


The Surry Hills

Beetroot, cured salmon, zaa’tar cream cheese, cheese, rocket, sprouts & tomato
..with your choice of bagel



Sides options at our Surry Hills bagel Cafe - The Bagel Co.

Chips - $3

Pickles & Chips - $5

Brooklyn Pickles Spears - $3

Spicy, garlic & dill


Plain, sesame, poppy, choc chip, rye, sunflower, caraway, wholemeal, onion, garlic, blueberry, cinnamon & raisin, multi seed.

Sourdough or gluten-free – $3

$1.50 ea.

Something Sweet

rogalach from The Bagel Co Surry Hills

Rogalach - $1.50

Cinn Twists - $2.50

Stack Your Own!

Any Bagel & Schmear (spread)   – $6 

Cream Cheese Schmears

Classic, spring onion, zaa’tar, roasted garlic & herbs, sweet chilli, ricotta

Lactose Free Cream Cheese Schmear

Plain, spring onion, zaa’tar

Vegan Cream Cheese Schmear

vegan cashew

Sliced cheddar cheese

Nut Butter Schmear

peanut, almond, cashew coconut, notella (unsalted, roasted hazelnut, cashews, cacao & desiccated coconut)

Nutella Schmear

Tuna & Mayo / Egg & Mayo Schmears


Vegan Bacon – $4

Gravlax – $4

Beetroot/Pastrami cure

Avo – $3

Veggies – $1

rocket, lettuce, cucumber, tomato, bean/alfalfa sprouts, red onions, capers

Sour dough / g.f. bagel – $1.50

Jam – $2.50

Hot Stuff

Coffee available online and instore at The Bagel Co Rose Baymand Surry Hills


Wake Me Up (lg.) – $4.50
I’m OK (sm.) – $4

Latte, flat white, cappuccino, long black, caramel latte, chai latte, mocha, hot choc, espresso, macchiato, piccolo.

Tea – $4

English breakfast, Irish breakfast, Darjeeling, Earl Grey,
green, chamomile, peppermint

Milk Extras – 50c

(Almond, soy, oat)


Fruit Juices – $4.50


Still – $3.50

Sparkling – $4